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The ForeverPhotons Story

Hello! Welcome to ForverPhotons. We are glad that you're here.

Based in California, we've been working in the outdoor lighting industry for some time now. We used to design, source and buy quality outdoor lighting from around the world to be able to sell directly to our customers.

We loved doing what we have been doing a lot but then an idea struck in my mind. Seeing the recent adverse changes in the environment, mostly caused by use of non-renewable energy sources, we thought we must do our part to help people save and care about environment and what could be a better way to do that than adopting lighting solutions powered by green energy ourselves? And that's when ForeverPhotons took birth. To every outdoor lighting product that was powered by conventional energy, we said


We are just not going to sell these anymore. We felt obligated to do our part to save the environment and thought we still can do so by providing renewable energy powered lighting solutions that our customers would simply fall in love with. With that mission, we launched ForeverPhotons. Photon is the fundamental particle of light. At ForeverPhotons, we strive to bring premium quality lighting solutions powered by the biggest source of sustainable energy for us on earth - the Sun. All the products that we carry use our upgraded solar panels which store the energy when exposed to direct sunlight in the morning and gives it back all night in form of twinkling lights so that you don't need to ever worry about using electricity or batteries again.

That's not all.

Having served eCommerce customers in past and also being one of them many times, we were very familiar with the challenges of being one. We just did not want to be any random online store that sources cheap third party products from all over the internet in hopes of selling them to customers thinking that either they would pay a premium for fast 2 day shipping or would wait 30 days to get their products from some random address in China.

Instead, we wanted to continue what we were famous for.

Provide quality products and deliver faster for free!

Yes, for free. As impossible as it may sound, it is now a fact. We take great pride in bringing quality lighting solutions powered by solar energy. All of the products are hand tested twice for quality before they get delivered to our customers. That's not all. We offer a generous 30 day no questions asked returns if you ever change your mind after getting one of our products.

We would like to be the brand that our customers love and would like to return to. Being able to spread lights in lives of our customers truly enlighten us. We are thrilled when hear how our solutions have helped our customers create memories of a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for?

Go check out our homepage and discover millions of ways to create memories yourself. 

From all of us at ForeverPhotons
Thanks again for stopping by!

ForverPhotons Logo. ForeverPhotons 200 LEDs 72ft Solar Fairy Lights. Available in warm white and cool white colors. Solar String lights. 8 different modes. Outdoor use.